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Underlines corporate philosophy with new logo

The Biesse Group is giving itself “a new face” and launching a new identity in the form of completely redesigned logos. “We’ve been around since 1969 – and we’ve been constantly evolving since then,” explains Biesse Group Marketing Manager Raphaël Prati during an online press conference today. “Very early on, we had the goal of selling our machines worldwide. In the meantime, we see ourselves as ‘international natives’ with offices worldwide and an effort not only to be directly on site with the customer, but also to bring the global cultures of our employees and customers to the Italian headquarters. Our mission is to offer the best possible solution to our customers all over the world and for every material. To do this, we can very often adapt solutions from certain materials to others, but over decades we have also become specialists in certain materials. We reflect all this with new logos. On the one hand for the entire company, but on the other hand also for the individual materials,” says Prati. “The logos are intended to signal flexibility and stability, as well as to provide a clear direction.”

The starting signal for making the new pictograms known worldwide is now. It will be many months before they can be found everywhere and the machine design also shows just that. “When a chocolate bar gets a new layout, the new look can be found in every store worldwide after about 45 days. In our case, the whole thing will probably take up to 24 months,” Prati is realistic. And he is nevertheless pleased about this way of the Biesse Group to visualize its self-image.

HERE you can find the corresponding image film of the launch.

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