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Grand Opening of the newly built showroom in Rimini

As a growing and innovative group, SCM has continued to invest in expanding production capacity and improving customer relations at its headquarters in Italy: The result is the new Technology Centre, built as part of the expansion and transformation of the Rimini headquarters, which will be inaugurated on 28-30 September 2023 with a Grand Opening for companies and stakeholders from across the woodworking industry worldwide. The new showroom has a surface area of 4,000 square metres and is already being described by the Italians as a new “digital house of innovation for woodworking”.

During the event, SCM will showcase newly developed solutions and its comprehensive technological expertise in the production of furniture, doors and windows, timber construction and joinery, as well as sophisticated software and services that accompany customers in all phases of their production process. For example, the Cargo automated loading and unloading system for machining centres. SCM is planning separate demonstrations and training courses for Cargo, as well as for the new CAD-CAM programming software Maestro Lab.

Cargo was integrated in the new showroom with the Morbidelli m200 machining centre with console table: The fully automated cell no longer requires any operator supervision. With its simultaneous sequence of loading/unloading of workpieces in continuous operation while the machine performs drilling and milling operations, it represents a unique offer on the market. This exclusive solution achieves maximum efficiency by avoiding manual operations and the associated unproductive costs and times. In addition, it is characterised by unparalleled user-friendliness: Both the machining centre and Cargo are controlled directly via the Maestro Active HMI interface.

Even though hardware and the associated know-how is still SCM Group’s main competence, the company knows that software and data-based services are increasingly a guarantee for a lasting customer relationship.

Maestro Lab is a new, modern software for CAD/CAM programming – whether from the office or directly at the machine. Its intuitive and dynamic nature, with intelligent and technologically advanced programming functions and more than 150 integrated applications, allows for the easy transformation of ideas into a finished product. This makes the transition from the office to the factory floor a pleasant and fast user experience in no time.

Further information and registration for the event at the end of September:

On 15 November, the SCM Technology Centre in Nürtingen will then open its doors for three days for the SCM Innovation Days, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day.

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