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Applause for cascading use of wood in EU legislation

The European Panel Federation (EPF), which represents European manufacturers of particleboard, MDF, hardboard, softboard and plywood, strongly welcomes the enshrinement of the principle of the cascading use of wood in EU legislation. Following adoption by the European Parliament in September, the Council formally adopted the revised text of the Renewable Energy Directive (REDIII) on Monday, October 9.

The legislation not only underscores the importance of wood as a renewable resource, but also highlights the need for responsible and efficient use and the strengthening of sustainability criteria, consistent with the EPF’s requirement that at least 60 percent of Europe’s roundwood harvest be put to material use, recycled in multiple cycles, and ultimately burned for energy at the end of its life cycle. As highlighted in Article 3(3), Member States shall take measures to ensure that energy from biomass is produced in a manner that minimizes undue distortions in the biomass feedstock market (…) in order to ensure that woody biomass is used in accordance with its highest economic and environmental added value.

EPF also welcomes the important decisions by the legislature not to provide subsidies for the burning of industrial roundwood (IGRW) and to conduct a report by the European Commission on market distortions and the limitation of support schemes by 2027.

By promoting the cascading use of wood and these takeaways, the legislation supports a circular and resource-efficient approach that is consistent with EPF’s longstanding commitment to best use, responsible and sustainable practices within the wood products industry.

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