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Wins “Productivity Award” from Concept AG

The Altendorf Group from Minden is a typical hidden champion of the German SME sector. The world market leader in the manufacture of premium-class sliding table saws and edge banders has succeeded in almost doubling output at its Hebrock brand plant – in just four months. This was achieved through a line concept, digital support and employees who are open to new ideas. For this achievement, the machine manufacturer received the “Productivity Award” from Concept AG.

With the support of Concept AG, a dedicated team from Hebrock developed a line production with defined work content for 14 stations and implemented the new structure in a very short time. For this purpose, the factory hall was converted and equipped so that the machines can move continuously from station to station with a cycle time of 105 minutes.

The timing is monitored as part of digital store floor management and accompanied by a continuous improvement process (CIP). “We have completely turned our production around, increasing the weekly output of edge banders by around 67 percent. Today, we work many times more efficiently, because the digital support and the CIP accelerate our internal control processes enormously,” is the positive conclusion of Hebrock Managing Director Roman Kühnlein.

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