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Luigi De Vito succeeds Jürgen Köppel as President

The annual General Assembly of Eumabois was hosted by the Polish association DROMA from September 22 to 23 in Krakow. After 6 years as President and 3 years as Vice-President, Jürgen Köppel handed over the helm of the European association to Luigi De Vito in Krakow, who has already been helping to shape the fate of the association as Vice-President since 2016.

In addition, Frederik Meyer (Homag Group) was elected as the new Vice President and the Eumabois Board was also newly elected. The Board now consists of Messrs. Rohner (IMA Schelling), who agreed to a further term of office of 3 years, Daniel Bucher (Striebig) and Ismet Toktas (AES Group), who succeed Messrs. Samuel Hänni (Lamello) and Mustafa Sabri Erol (Törk Makine) as Members of the Board. With De Vito and Meyer as well as the new Board, the European association has received a leadership of strong personalities from the industry.

In his farewell speech, Köppel said: “I am very pleased that such high-caliber leaders of our industry are involved at the European level and are thus advancing our common, European ideas worldwide. European mechanical engineering and toolmaking in the woodworking sector is setting trends worldwide, and it is important to expand this leading position and support it through our association work. I thank all those who have supported me in my work, especially Luigi De Vito, because in the past 6 years of joint work a former competitor has become a strong competitor and friend.”

Luigi De Vito, in his inaugural speech as the new President, said, “I would like to express my best congratulations to the new Board that will be in office for the next three years. My heartfelt thanks go to all the outgoing Board members with whom I have worked and who have contributed over the past years to further raise the profile of Eumabois worldwide. Finally, a very special thank you goes to Jürgen Koeppel, as our years together were characterized by a strong spirit of cooperation and mutual appreciation. I can say that I am very proud of the work we have done together and the results we have achieved.”



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