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Starwood achieves three-shift operation

Congratulations on two key milestones in the chronology of a wood-based panel plant: On June 28th Starwood successfully produced the first board on its Siempelkamp thin board plant for MDF at the Inegöl location. Now the stable three-shift operation has also been achieved.

The first board deadline is considered a central milestone during the start-up phase of a wood-based panel plant – from this point until acceptance, the focus on the construction site is on achieving the production and quality targets to be realized with the plant. In Inegöl, the first target was reached on June 28th; the first board was successfully produced in automatic mode. After a top ramp-up curve, stable three-shift operation has now also been achieved.

“We sincerely congratulate the Starwood team on the milestones achieved and are pleased to contribute to considerably expanding the capacity of this site with our high-performance plant. At the same time we would like to thank them for their trust in our performance, which has already led to five joint projects in the meantime”, says Ulrich Kaiser, Head of Sales Siempelkamp. A total of three Siempelkamp “Contiroll” plants now produce MDF, L-MDF, and thin board in Inegöl. The total output of these three plants will allow a capacity of more than 2,500 to 3,000 m³/day after the start-up phase of the new line. The thickness range of the new line is designed for 1.5 to approx. 18 mm.



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