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Using real estate more flexibly – theme days in the “Smart Buidling Arena”

If the pandemic has shown one thing, it is this: Real estate is being used more and more flexibly. As a result, the demands on their flexibility have increased enormously. Employees are looking for creative spaces in office buildings, workplaces with as professional an ambience as possible and a high level of technical equipment within their own four walls, or the possibility of being able to work in a concentrated manner for a few hours while on the move – in a hotel, for example. Architects, construction companies, investors, developers, professionals in the real estate industry and building operators must therefore adapt their plans to the new conditions or focus on completely different advantages when marketing buildings today. In any case, there is a very great need for information among all those involved. And “Orgatec” helps to satisfy this need with up-to-date knowledge and the latest findings. And it does so in the “Smart Building Arena.”

It demonstrates digital solutions to those involved in the industry and presents the latest services and products relating to architecture, smart building and the digitization of the construction and real estate sector. In doing so, it brings together what absolutely must come together: young innovative companies, start-ups, real estate industry professionals, as well as experts and established companies in the construction industry. With an innovative mix of an exhibition area for start-ups and young, innovative companies, as well as a lecture stage, the Smart Building Arena in Hall 10.1 offers participants the opportunity to exchange ideas, present their products and services, and discuss the latest findings from theory and practice. For the program of the “Smart Building Arena” click HERE.

"Orgatec" 2022


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