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Management expanded

With Jörg Anhofer, Scheuch Ligno GmbH has an additional operational managing director alongside Alois Burgstaller since September 1, 2023.

“To ensure long-term growth and further internationalization, Scheuch Ligno GmbH has installed a new second managing director, Jörg Anhofer, as of September 1. With Jörg Anhofer, we want to organize our day-to-day business even more efficiently and optimize our structures so that we can continue to handle all our agendas with the usual high quality in the future,” explains Alois Burgstaller, who remains Managing Director of Scheuch Ligno.

Jörg Anhofer is responsible for the purchasing, production and service agendas. The engineering graduate studied International Industrial Management in Kapfenberg and brings years of management experience to his new role. Most recently, the 35-year-old Styrian worked as production manager at Andritz Hydro GmbH in Weiz.

“I am looking forward to this interesting professional challenge. Family-run companies, like Scheuch Ligno, require strategic long-term thinking. This particularly appealed to me when I decided to join Scheuch Ligno,” emphasizes Anhofer. “My goal is to move Scheuch Ligno GmbH forward, to open up new business areas and markets, to expand internationalization, and to push ahead with digitization. I see myself as a team player – it is only possible to achieve and successfully implement all our goals by working together as a team.”

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