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Break open structures and think anew

Paper offers far more potential than many people realize. That’s why Felix Schoeller wants to make the possibilities of this material even better known and explore them further: “We see paper as a material, and a valuable material, based on a renewable raw material and with a great many possibilities that many people are not even aware of,” says CSO Matthias Breimhorst in an interview with the editorial team of “möbelfertigung”. “Did you know, for example, that our papers play an important role in the production of consumer electronics such as the iPhone? We want to utilize and further develop this potential. Always together with our customers, because we can’t do it alone.”

From his point of view, the future will be to adapt not only the design but also the functionality of the paper, thus giving a significant upgrade to the piece of furniture and the surface in the interior or exterior.
“Decor paper brings design into homes. We therefore play a major role in shaping the lives of millions of people,” adds Tim Gutendorf, Senior Vice President and Head of Sales EMEA. “That’s where we’ve built up tremendous expertise and now offer over 8,000 different colors.”

In the current issue of “möbelfertigung”, you can read about how the company intends to exploit the potential of paper, which markets it is currently focusing on in particular, and what it is doing in terms of sustainability.

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