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Prospective master carpenters and wood technicians visit Plantag Coatings

The further education and training of carpenters has a long tradition in Detmold. Founded in 1893, the private “Tischler-Fachschule Detmold” and later the “Fachschule für Holzbetriebstechnik und Innenarchitektur” is one of the best-known training centers in the wood sector in Germany and abroad. Plantag Coatings has long supported practical training and teaches in the Plantag Technical Center
Interesting facts about manual and industrial painting processes.

In spring, the master craftsman and technician class of the Felix-Fechenbach-Berufskolleg with 16 prospective master carpenters and wood technicians visited the technical center of Plantag Coatings GmbH in Detmold. First, a theoretical block provided information on the subject of manual coating application and typical coating errors. Martin Schulz, head of the technical center, addressed the topics of gun technology and air guidance, among others, and clarified the relationship between hose diameter and spraying pressure. In addition, the problem of painting large areas without streaks, which is a recurring problem in everyday life, was addressed. Other problems and their pragmatic solutions were discussed in detail. In the practical part, the participants went directly into the paint booth to demonstrate an unusual paint structure. There, under the guidance of Technikum employee Robert Schulze, impressive sample surfaces were painted with a “water drop effect”.

Finally, Sarito Wolsiffer from Plantag Product Management gave a brief insight into the technical center and the machinery there. Here, the focus was then on the topic of industrial wood coating. Among other things, the operation of sanding machines and automatic surface spraying machines was presented and there was an insight into roller painting, incl. Use of the spatula unit. The special features or advantages of UV curing and the use of excimer technology were also on the agenda. Here, the technology was explained how different surface effects (soft touch, matte surfaces, glossy surfaces) can be created with a coating by means of excimer curing in an inert atmosphere.

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