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Poli-Eco is a new member

Poli-Eco Tworzywa Sztuczne has joined the MMFA (Multilayer Modular Flooring Association).

“Poli-Eco shows that traditions and innovations can go hand in hand – with 30 years of experience in the market, the company continues to develop new product solutions in its laboratories. We are pleased to welcome the company as a new member of the MMFA and hope for a fruitful exchange in the future,” says Jan Dossche, President of the MMFA.

Dawid Weryszko, CEO of Poli-Eco, comments: “Poli-Eco is committed to driving innovation in the PVC sector. In 2022, this will include SPC panels. As a company that is continuously looking for new opportunities to expand its expertise and scale, we believe that exchanging ideas with other MMFA members and participating in the association’s activities will be mutually beneficial – especially since Poli-Eco has only recently entered the flooring production business.”

Poli-Eco is an international company operating on the Polish, European and Eastern markets. The company’s products are sold under the common brand KORNER. Thanks to its range of PVC products for interior finishing – from skirtings in foamed and rigid PVC to furniture edgings, PVC granules and dry mixes – Poli-Eco has successfully built its profile as a major European manufacturer over the last 30 years. This also created a solid foundation to produce flooring in the form of SPC panels, which the company started in 2022.

With Poli-Eco joining the MMFA, the association is enlarged and now includes 30 full members (manufacturers of MMF floor coverings or their European representatives), 30 associate members (supplier companies) and three supporting members (scientific institutes).

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