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Trumpler & Archroma
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Partnership for revolutionary leather tanning

Trumpler, a pioneer in the manufacture of leather chemicals since 1868, has joined forces with Archroma, a world leader in specialty chemicals, to develop a breakthrough leather manufacturing process. This process makes it possible to produce leather of the highest quality in a more environmentally friendly and cost-efficient way.

DyTan® is an innovative process resulting from the partnership between Archroma and Trumpler that offers an alternative to conventional chrome-tanned leather production. DyTan® enables the reliable production of leather with outstanding foldability, brilliant color depth and excellent abrasion and migration resistance. The process is free of metal salts and reactive aldehydes, making it ideal for a wide range of leather applications, from apparel and footwear to car seats and furniture upholstery – perfect for today’s environmentally conscious leather manufacturers.

At the heart of the DyTan® process is Archroma’s innovative AVICUERO® system, which enables sustainable leather tanning and dyeing using specifically developed, novel molecules. This system was developed in collaboration with the renowned leather technology consultant Dr. Leather. It allows the covalent cross-linking of collagen fibers in leather through a simplified process at low temperatures. This results in considerable energy and water savings as well as a reduction in process times and CO2 emissions of up to 23 percent.

The DyTan® process combines the AVICUERO® system with bio-based fatliquors and biological retanning agents from the TRUMPLER Group, which are produced from hydrolyzed shavings. This resource-saving technology has been perfected by Trumpler over 15 years.

“Through our collaboration with Archroma, we have been able to challenge the traditional methods of leather production and develop a pioneering alternative,” explains Hein Vugs, Managing Director of the Trumpler Group. “Our vision is to lead the leather industry into a consciously more sustainable future without compromising on quality or efficiency. We are proud that with DyTan® and AVICUERO® we are not only achieving our own ecological goals, but also enabling our customers to make tangible cost savings.”

“With the aim of providing the leather industry with a new state-of-the-art solution, Archroma and Trumpler share a commitment to innovation, sustainability and customer satisfaction,” says Mark Garrett, CEO of Archroma Group. “By utilizing the AVICUERO® system, the new DyTan® process represents a significant milestone in the history of leather production and brings remarkable benefits to tanneries and brands and their customers, driving and strengthening the entire industry.”

As the exclusive partner of Archroma, the Trumpler Group is responsible for the worldwide distribution of the AVICUERO® system. Through first-class technical support and intensive customer care, the Trumpler Group will help leather manufacturers and brands worldwide to implement the sustainable tanning process and also offers access to its comprehensive product portfolio and process knowledge regarding all stages of leather production.

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