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Partner up to roll-out the “Unicoat” technology for waterproof flooring

Schiele Maschinenbau and Unilin Technologies have signed a cooperation agreement to formalize their partnership on the Unicoat technology. With this partnership, Schiele will become the official dealer of the Unicoat coating material and machine integrations needed to apply the patented technology, forming a one-stop-shop for all producers that are looking to integrate a new water-resistant edge-coating.

“This partnership is another important step in the further roll-out of waterproof flooring products,” explains Bart Van Der Stockt, President of Unilin Technologies. “Now there is an all-in solution available for everything producers need to integrate this groundbreaking patented technology into their production process.”

“Schiele Maschinenbau is the perfect match for this project, thanks to their extensive knowledge and expertise with coatings and application systems in the flooring industry. They are perfectly equipped to tackle large scale introductions of Unicoat, several of which are already planned to take place in 2022. “

Stefan Schiele, CEO of Schiele Maschinenbau commented: “We are happy to be a part of this amazing project with Unilin Technologies. After a thorough analysis of the patent situation and testing many different solutions to make flooring products waterproof, we are convinced that the Unicoat solution is the best performing technology available.”
Unicoat water-repellent edge-coating for flooring prevents liquids from penetrating into the joints of a floor and protects a floor from any long-lasting water damages. The coating forms the ultimate protection against water leakages and prevents damages and nuisances seen in floors when having been exposed to excessive amounts of water over a long period of time.

Schiele & Unilin Technologies


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