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After a long break, L’Engineers together with the Zimmer Group took the opportunity at the “Ligna” to present innovative concepts as well as current and future-oriented focal points around the wood and furniture industry.

With Zimmer Group, L’Engineers have devoted a lot of space to the topic of “automation / robotics”. The booth impressively showed how robotics is changing production processes in the wood and furniture industry. With the help of advanced robots and collaborative robot systems, process steps are automated while production flexibility and quality are improved. Visitors had the opportunity to see the robots in action and discover their many applications for production. From handling capabilities to precision machining of materials, the exhibits demonstrated the enormous potential of robotics in the industry.

On the topic of factory planning, L’Engineers showed a realized planning based on a streamlined and innovative material flow concept. The core of the concept is the combination of transport, decoupling and distribution stages. This, in conjunction with a functional expansion of the loading and unloading of core processes, enables a reduction in logistics space as well as the effective use of the machines used.

L’Engineers placed another focus of the booth on the topic of energy management in the furniture industry. Visitors gained insights into intelligent systems for the use of residual materials in combination with renewable energies as well as the control of energy consumption, which contribute to the sustainable development of the industry.
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