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Acquires majority stake in Dröm UK

Klafs, which claims to be the market leader in the sauna and spa sector and is based in Schwäbisch Hall, Germany, has acquired a majority stake in Dröm UK Ltd in London with effect from 07 July 2023.

With the acquisition of a majority stake in Dröm UK Ltd, Klafs gains another company to further strengthen its international market position and to be able to be even more present in the UK market. Dröm UK Ltd was founded in 2002 by Barry Smith and Kicki Carlsson and has quickly developed into a specialist in the design and installation of luxury, bespoke wellness zones for the domestic and commercial sectors. Today, the company offers a large portfolio of saunas, steam rooms and spas in the upmarket segment. The highly experienced Dröm team around Managing Director Barry Smith will become part of the Klafs Group and report directly to Guncast Swimming Pools Ltd / Klafs UK in the future. As a manufacturer of swimming pools, spas and wellness suites in the premium segment, Guncast has already been part of the Klafs Group since 2021.

From left: Jens Friedrich and Phillip Rock, management of Klafs

“With the addition of Dröm UK Ltd to the Klafs Group, we continue to expand our international business,” says Klafs CEO Phillip Rock. “Dröm’s high level of expertise in design and quality fits perfectly with our aspirations. Together with Guncast, we are well positioned in the UK and see great potential for Klafs’ high-quality products in this market.” Thanks to the Dröm showroom in Surrey / London, Klafs will also have a presence in the UK capital. “The inviting showroom in Surrey, which will be equipped with Klafs products in the future, is the perfect complement to the existing Klafs showroom in Chesire to personally advise our customers and convince them of the high Klafs quality on site,” says Gilles Darmon, Director Klafs UK.

Barry Smith, CEO of Dröm UK

“As an industry specialist with over 25 years of experience, I am delighted to be part of such a respected and forward-thinking brand that develops innovative products in the field of wellness facilities and realises some of the best projects in the world,” emphasises Barry Smith, CEO of Dröm UK. “In the future, we will actively support the activities of the Klafs Group in the UK with the Dröm team. Our ideas – from design to construction to installation possibilities – will flow into the joint work. In this way, we can successfully use our combined strengths for the market in the UK.”




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