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Could convince Forte of pioneering assembly technology

Forte, one of the largest manufacturers of RTA furniture in Europe, has started producing furniture with Välinge’s innovative “Threespine ID” technology.

“Forte is one of the leading manufacturers of ready-to-assemble furniture in Europe, and we are very pleased that they have decided to produce selected collections with our technology in the future,” says Johan Hallin, Senior Key Account Manager Furniture at Välinge Innovation. “This is a clear demonstration of how exceptional this brand new solution is.”

The “Threespine” click furniture technology is a very fast and extremely uncomplicated way to assemble furniture – just click the panels together and you’re done. The process is so effortless and so ingenious that the furniture assembly is up to ten times faster than conventional methods.

The just launched “Threespine ID” offers all the benefits of the original “Threespine Cor “e solution, but uses inclined dowels and an innovative locking device to effectively prevent panel separation and ensure solid, durable results. To ensure ease of implementation and avoid major changes in the design and manufacturing phases, production is based on traditional drilling methods used in the industry. “Forte’s mission is to create better homes. When I first saw Välinge’s solution, it immediately clicked with me. It offers the consumer a new experience in assembly that is easier and more intuitive. At the same time, the ability to conveniently disassemble the furniture extends its life cycle and facilitates recycling, which is another big step towards one of our most important goals for the coming years – sustainability,” says Maria Florczuk, Forte Group Board Member. “I am convinced that by working with an innovation leader like Välinge, we can offer better solutions to our customers and consumers. Threespine ID is a perfect complement to our original Core solution, and we are pleased with the great interest it is receiving in the industry,” concludes Johan Hallin.

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