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Company founder Heinrich Sagel deceased

Heinrich Sagel, founder and former managing director of Vauth-Sagel, passed away yesterday at the age of 85. The father of five sons, who continue to run the company in the second generation, looked back on an eventful and successful life.

In 1962, he founded Vauth-Sagel KG together with his father-in-law Hermann Vauth. Since then, the company has developed from a specialist manufacturer of products made of wire and sheet metal into the internationally active Vauth-Sagel Group, which produces over 85 million quality products “Made in Germany” each year with its cross-material expertise.

Family, friends, the advisory board and the entire workforce at all locations mourn the loss of father, grandfather, great-grandfather, business partner, company founder, boss, mentor and exceptional entrepreneur Heinrich Sagel.

Companions describe Heinrich Sagel as a special entrepreneurial personality who drove the company’s fortunes and further development with tireless energy and never-ending drive. With great passion, he was always enthusiastic about new ideas and business fields.

The history of Vauth-Sagel is characterized by the virtues of Heinrich Sagel, the unconditional will to succeed and the entrepreneurial principle: “Customer-oriented custom work, combined with distinct adaptability”. The development of the past 60 years shows that success is based on several pillars: Heinrich Sagel laid the foundation with inventive talent, foresight and the right intuition. Always recognizing the demands of the market and exploiting market gaps in good time were and are further drivers of development. And also the topics of highest material competence, strategic growth and family cohesion are important for the success of the company.

Heinrich Sagel has always attached great importance to quality in terms of innovations, materials, production facilities, employees and the training of junior staff. The latter has always been a matter close to his heart, and his ongoing commitment to training and the promotion of young talent will remain unforgotten to those around him, whether in his private or professional life. This year, too, although he was already in poor health, he took the opportunity to attend the annual Apprentice Day in order to welcome the young newcomers and to give them his motto “If you want to succeed, you have to be cheerful.

In his private life, Heinrich Sagel, as a passionate hunter and farmer, was committed to the interests of nature in his home region and beyond. Participation in and, above all, promotion of local associations were a matter of course for him and an integral part of his work.




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