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Another outstanding Sustainalytics rating result

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Once again, PCF GmbH (Pfleiderer) has been recognized for its ESG activities. ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) stands for environment, social and corporate governance. As last year, the independent rating agency Morningstar / Sustainalytics certified Pfleiderer’s excellent position and exemplary development in the area of sustainable corporate governance via its ESG Risk Survey.

Improved to 2nd place out of 149 companies

Compared with the previous year, the company again improved to the highest rating level and remains one of the champions in the international building materials industry. After a very good third place in the previous year, Pfleiderer has now risen to second place out of all 149 companies assessed in the building products sector. In an overall comparison, Pfleiderer is among the top two percent of all the more than 15,000 companies assessed globally.

“Pfleiderer’s commitment to sustainability issues has a long tradition,” explains Dr. Frank Herrmann, CEO of the Pfleiderer Group. “For several years, we have firmly anchored this in our strategic orientation and have broadened and intensified our ESG activities. After numerous awards from external sources, I am pleased with the entire team about the Sustainalytics rating improvement and the renewed top ranking.”

The complete Morningstar / Sustainalytics rating can be viewed (search term PCF GmbH) at Details and further information on sustainability at Pfleiderer are available at

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