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350 participants from seven countries at the expert forum

The sixth edition of the Würth Expert Forum “C-Parts Management” was attended on Tuesday, the June 13 and Wednesday, the June 14, 2023 350 participants from seven countries to the industrial park in Bad Mergentheim.

“In recent years, we have welcomed more than 2,400 national and international guests to our company site in Bad Mergentheim since the first edition in 2017. In addition to trend-setting thought-provoking approaches to solutions for a secure, resilient supply of production and operating resources, the focus is on significant impulses on market trends and global challenges. This not only leads to intensive discussions, valuable business networks and long-term cooperation, but also to customer-oriented innovations. In this way, we would like to make our contribution to ensuring that our customers can keep their sights firmly set on the future,” says Martin Jauss, Managing Director of Würth Industrie Service.

Companies are facing changing markets in light of Industry 4.0. Automation and digitization are no longer the only things keeping the industrial sector busy. In addition, there are global issues across all countries and continents: these are the ongoing effects of the Corona pandemic, a volatile situation in procurement markets, climate change and sustainability, geopolitical uncertainties, rising inflation, and a worsening shortage of skilled professionals and workers.

The levers that need to be used to manage these developments were discussed by top-class experts from industry, trade, science and consulting at this year’s specialist forum. While Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. mult. Horst Wildemann, TCW Management GmbH & Co. KG, spoke in his presentation about the importance of resilient management with a special focus on its impact in the supply chain, David Reger, CEO & Founder of Neura Robotics, took up another significant topic in his presentation on “Cognitive Robots – A New Era of Collaboration between Humans and Machines”. In doing so, he focused on the future of a new, changed world of work. A working world in which man and machine successfully work hand in hand.

Prof. Dipl. Inf. Univ., MBA, Dominik B.O. Bösl, CEO of Innomancer, explained how to manage disruptive trends and what GPT, robotics, AI and home office have in common – and what not. Bösl, CEO at Innomancer. In this context, he explained the current developments in the world of work and how they complement each other.

In addition, Franz Kühmayer, an expert on leadership and new work at Zukunftsinstitut GmbH and CEO at Reflections Research & Consulting, contributed numerous thought-provoking ideas with his expert presentation “Opportunity of the century for medium-sized companies: Hidden champions or true heroes of the future?” with regard to possible potentials of medium-sized companies for further discussions. As visionary trend researchers, top managers and consultants, all the speakers, true to the motto “Future. Shaping the future together.” all speakers pursued the goal of presenting concrete ideas, concepts, measures and successful practical examples from industry, trade and science.

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