Mittwoch, 28.04.2021, 10:11 Uhr Lamigraf

Sebastian Hunathey joined Lamigraf as Business Development Manager Asia & Pacific

"We are very pleased to welcome Sebastian. With more than 20 years of experience in the decorative paper industry, Sebastian has an in-depth knowledge of the product and the Asian market. His position will be crucial to further develop our business strategy in Asian by driving growth and supporting our team," says Martin Marxen, Sales, Marketing and Art Director at Lamigraf Group. Sebastian will be based in Lamigraf’s upcoming plant in Changzhou and while he will support the efforts of the team led by Sophia Song in China, his responsibilities will extend to the rest of the Asian continent.

It is in this area that Lamigraf has just secured a valuable cooperation agreement with Mr. Kant Bae and his company Changzo INT Corp. to be the exclusive distributors for Lamigraf products in the Republic of South Korea. Mr. Kant also has more than 20 years of experience in the décor paper industry.

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