Dienstag, 27.10.2020, 10:00 Uhr Ambigence

Norbert Poppenborg becomes new managing director of the think tank

Ambigence is known for creating new freedom for furniture and living spaces through the use of non-visible, integrated technology. "We see ourselves as pioneers in the successful implementation of our customers' product innovations in the furniture industry. Our goal is to accompany our customers from the idea to the development and marketing, to support them with our industry-specific know-how and to bring them together with their future customers. Through our network of partners with more than 30 companies, we include all necessary processes from the very beginning", explains Norbert Poppenborg the business model of Ambigence, which is especially interesting for companies outside the industry, who are looking for a door opener into the world of furniture.

"It is important for us to continue to live our vision of merging design and technology in furniture," emphasises Poppenborg, who will continue to share responsibility for the Marketing and Business Development departments. Direct contact with interested and curious people is particularly important to Ambigence. "You are welcome to visit us in our showroom in Herford. We can present you new, exciting ideas and integrated solutions and look forward to the exchange of ideas. One thing is therefore certain: The Ambigence team remains true to its mission to rethink furniture.

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