Dienstag, 29.10.2019, 07:00 Uhr Barberan

Installs its first digital printer in South Korea

Ajusteel, established at the Korean city of Gumi, has acquired the first single-pass digital press from Barberán to be installed at the Republic of South Korea. The technicians that will operate it have participated at a training held at Barberán’s headquarters.

The “Jetmaster 1400” prints in 6 colors (CMYK, light cyan and light magenta), what enables a wider chromatic resolution, uses UV inks and has a width of 1400mm. Barberán’s printing technology is based on the concept of Single-pass, which prints digital images directly over multiple substrates thanks to the absence of direct contact with the piece. This translates on the high production speeds that improve production.

With their new asset, Ajusteel will print over metal sheets that will be used decoratively on home appliances, such as fridges or air conditioners, or fire rated doors. With it they will widen the possibilities of their clients and improve personalization and customization. This differentiates their digital printing, making their production a highly valuable good to their customers, which will be able to strengthen their market presence.

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