Montag, 26.08.2019, 10:06 Uhr Zimmer Group

Management succession from the founding family

The german technology company Zimmer Group has a new man at the helm of Zimmer GmbH Kunststofftechnik (Process Technology): Jonas Zimmer has been responsible since August for division with which the Rheinau-based company produces series components made of metal, elastomers and plastic and offers material, process and tool development for complete systems. Around 100 employees in Zimmer´s Process Technology Division currently work at the company's site in Rheinau-Freistett. In the series production of plastic parts, the company makes use of a very special manufacturing technology, metal injection moulding (MIM technology). In this way, very complex components can be produced with a cost saving of approx. 25 % to 65 % compared to conventional production processes.

As the offspring of one of the company founders, Jonas Zimmer, the eldest son of Günther Zimmer, already got a taste of company air as a young boy. Before the industrial engineer was appointed to the management board in 2019, he had already worked for more than 10 years in the company and most recently as assistant to the management of the Zimmer Group (process technology division), where he was able to celebrate his first successes.

The Zimmer Group, which was founded almost 40 years ago by the two brothers Günther and Martin Zimmer, is an owner-managed family business that attaches great importance to a future-proof company succession. Thus a large part of the new generation of the company founders are already employed in the company. Seven of the ten children of the shareholders are of working age and already employed by the Zimmer Group in very different areas. The aim is to transfer the family business step by step to the next generation in the coming years. Jonas Zimmer is the first step in this direction.

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