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Establishes new division Industrial Consulting

Developing integrated solution concepts for modern furniture production - this is the task of Ima Schelling Group Industrial Consulting, the new business division of the German-Austrian plant manufacturer Ima Schelling.

Modern furniture production and its value creation structures are undergoing a profound change due to increasing digitalisation and automation. The available solution concepts and approaches are complex. It is not easy to find new answers in this environment. Ima Schelling Group Industrial Consulting helps its customers to do this and develops holistic solutions together with them in transparent processes.

"We see a constant change in the environment of our customers, their products and processes. Unlike a few years ago, this also affects the value creation structures of our customers," says Senior Consultant Tobias Biemüller. In addition, furniture production in the age of Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT) is characterized by a wide variety of degrees of automation and industrialization. Consequently, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to question the nature of their production, their logistics concepts, the economic effects of changing value creation strategies and much more.

The new business division Ima Schelling Group Industrial Consulting supports you in this and offers clearly structured assistance in investment planning, plant optimization and simulation. Ima Schelling Group's experts create customer-specific concepts for plant equipment and software and help prepare and secure investment decisions. "We clarify important questions with our customers, such as the suitable degree of industrialization, the type of production - order-related or series - and the tasks to be mastered until the goal is achieved," explains Senior Consultant Holger Blötscher, who, together with his colleagues, has access to state-of-the-art tools such as simulations. In addition, the Ima Schelling Group Industrial Consulting team analyses and optimises existing production processes on request with the aim of increasing performance and optimising products.

In contrast to classical project planning, different manufacturing methods and production philosophies are examined and weighed against each other in terms of quality and quantity. In this way, optimal value creation concepts are created along the entire process chain of the customer and, at the end, individually tailored solutions for successful corporate development.

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