Dienstag, 21.05.2019, 11:00 Uhr Nowy Styl Group

Acquisition of the French company Majencia

The French commercial court awarded the contract and accepted the offer of the Nowy Styl Group to become an investor of the insolvent company Majencia. The expanding, leading European office furniture specialist is thus taking over the Majenica plants in Noyon and Bressuire - which will also secure the majority of the jobs and keep the employees. The Nowy Styl Group is pursuing its goals with the repositioning of the company: To keep the French company "healthy" and at the same time to support Majencia in the best possible way to regain its leading position on the French office furniture market.

The Nowy Styl Group continues to grow. The completed transaction is a further Western European acquisition of the Nowy Styl Group - following the acquisition of the German company Kusch+Co (2019), the Swiss company Sitag (2015), Rohde & Grahl (2013), which operates in Germany and the Netherlands, and the German brand Grammer Office (2011).

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