Dienstag, 09.04.2019, 11:00 Uhr “Ligna 2019”

Focus on Smart Surface Technology

Furniture manufacturers wanting to see the latest smart surface finishing machines in action so they can compare all the options and make informed investment decisions will find everything they need at “Ligna” in Hannover, Germany, from 27 to 31 May 2019.

“Smart Surface Technologies” is, in fact, one of the big focus themes at this year’s show, which will feature the full range of surface finishing technologies and applications, including all the latest innovations and solutions. These include everything from sanding, brushing, pressing, rollering, spraying and polishing to 3D and digital printing. The show will provide key insights into the immense potential of the latest surface technology solutions: the many applications of different finishing technologies, such as digital and 3D printing, and the energy and resource-saving capabilities of the latest adhesives, liquid coating systems and inkjet applications. All of the big names in the industry will be there, including Barberán, Robert Bürkle, Casadei Industria Group, Cefla, Efi Cretaprint (as a co-exhibitor at the Bürkle stand), Homag Group, Hymmen, Kleiberit, SCM and Wemhöner. As well as showing their solutions at their own stands, these and many other companies will be participating in a number of special surface technology-themed events and activities, such as the “Ligna.Forum” and the “Ligna Guided Tours”.

Visitors with a special interest in finishing processes and industrial-scale digital printing will be able to see first-hand the stunning results that can be achieved through a combination of plate preparation, digitally printed images and 3D effects. The applications of the latest digital printing technologies go well beyond solid wood materials. MDF and cork substrates, for instance, can also be printed and embossed in stunning 3D quality. The solutions on display can also process many different types of non-wood products, such as floor coverings, furniture and skirting boards, whether surfaced with glass, laminate or plastics. Digital printing opens up an exciting range of alternative surface finishes for manufacturers and enables them to keep up with the latest trends, for instance, the current surge in demand for “deep matt” finishes in the furniture sector.

This year’s “Ligna” marks the premiere of the “Ligna.Forum”, a presentation forum in Hall 11 that will provide in-depth coverage of the key “Ligna focus themes as well as a series of short presentations on topical issues relevant to the secondary processing sector. The “Ligna.Forum” is organized into theme blocks, including the following: Processing of Plastics and Composites, Smart Surface Technology, Integrated Woodworking – Customized Solutions, Processing of Additives, and Beech in Wood Construction.

Among the participating companies are Barberán, Efi Cretaprint, Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences, Homag Group, Kleiberit Adhesives, Makor, Robert Bürkle, Sames Kremlin, SCM Group, Valresa Coatings and WPR / TAKA.

Attendance is free of charge. Click here to view the complete program.

The growing market demand for product individualization is giving rise to a wealth of new surface technology processes, technologies and solutions. “Ligna’s” Guided Tours are ideal for visitors wanting to get a fast, efficient overview of the latest and greatest of these systems. Among the stops on this year’s “Smart Surface Technology” Guided Tour will be the stands of Cefla, Homag Group, Klebchemie M.G. Becker, Robert Bürkle and SCM Group. To register for the tour, visit https://www.ligna.de/en/expo-program/events/guided-tours

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