Mittwoch, 06.03.2019, 11:30 Uhr Surteco Group SE

Starts optimization program - material expenses and personnel costs must decrease

As already announced by Surteco Group SE in October 2018, the company is launching an optimization program this year, for which special expenses were set aside in 2018. The employees of Surteco GmbH were already informed about this at works meetings in December. A catalogue of measures was developed to react to the weak economic environment in the industry and to achieve sustainable profitable growth again in the future.

"Our industry is subject to major economic and structural burdens," said Dieter Baumanns, Chairman of the Management Board of Surteco GmbH. "This applies above all to Western Europe and leads to challenges at our German locations. We are responding by streamlining cost structures and optimizing processes. In plain language, this means that we have to reduce material expenses and personnel costs." We do not intend to lay off employees for operational reasons. Socially acceptable solutions are currently being negotiated with the works councils and individual employees.

In order to remain competitive in the globalized market, the company launched a customer-oriented realignment in 2018. Peter Schulte, Managing Director Sales, explains: "We convince our customers from industry and trade with bundled competence from a single source - called 'One-Stop-Shop'. To this end, we have merged the former sister companies BauschLinnemann, Döllken-Kunststoffverarbeitung and Surteco Decor, all leading national and international surface technology brands, to form Surteco GmbH. We now offer our customers solutions that are unique in our industry and generate real added value. The performance promises of our new company will be presented to the market for the first time at the Brera innovation event parallel to the Milan Furniture Fair and the most important trade fair for the sector, the "Interzum" in Cologne."

The workforces are regularly informed about the progress of the optimisation programme at the various locations.

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