Freitag, 05.06.2020, 14:00 Uhr Dr. Georg Emprechtinger/Team 7

"Take responsibility for your actions!"

Today, June 5, is "World Environment Day". The day of action is celebrated worldwide. Dr. Georg Emprechtinger, owner and managing director of Team 7, does not miss the opportunity to remind us of our responsibility towards nature in a statement: "Nature gives us everything we need to live - food, clean water and fresh air. We are a part of it and how we deal with it also decides our future. It is time to remember and appreciate the things we are given. It is time to take responsibility for our actions and respect the needs of nature. Because only if we live consciously and sustainably can we preserve the sensitive ecosystem in its fascinating diversity - and thus also the basis of life for future generations.

We at Team 7 have made sustainability and environmental protection the focus of our actions. The woods from sustainable forestry, which we treat exclusively with natural oil and process in a resource-saving manner, can be returned to the natural cycle after their long life. A benefit for nature - but also for people. With its sensual feel and incomparable aesthetics, the fragrant wood brings home the feeling of security that one feels when walking in the forest. After all, nature not only gives us the essentials of life. When I walk through the forest, I do not only see trees that bind CO2 and convert it into oxygen. I see overwhelming beauties, grown for decades and with individual character. The fine balance of nature radiates a unique harmony, which touches me deeply and allows me to find peace.

Our ecological footprint shows how much we influence this fragile balance. How we affect nature, it affects us in turn - that's why we preserve a world worth living in by protecting the ecosystem. And that is why mindfulness is the order of the day."

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