Freitag, 22.05.2020, 10:45 Uhr VDMA quick survey

Drive digitization forward especially in the crisis

In the current corona crisis, the biggest challenge for mechanical engineering companies in the area of digitization is the lack of digitization strategies within the company. More than half (53 percent) of the software houses surveyed say that postponing or even cancelling digitization projects is a major problem for their mechanical engineering customers.

This was the result of a quick survey conducted by the German Engineering Federation (VDMA) Software and Digitization Association. Software companies from the VDMA's member area were surveyed to answer the questions with regard to their customer base in the mechanical engineering industry. When asked about the challenges of digitization, missing collaboration tools (47 percent) and the lack of or insufficient digital continuity of value-added chains (43 percent) are further problems. In contrast, mechanical engineering is well positioned in production-related digitisation. "For example, networking within production and the integration of sensor technology to optimise production," sums up Prof. Claus Oetter, Managing Director of VDMA Software and Digitisation.

The surveyed software houses from the VDMA membership see the opportunity, especially in the crisis, to drive forward the digitalization of business processes and workflows. "A major opportunity will be to build and strengthen customer relationships by combining distance and proximity, for example by visualising showrooms or training sessions," explains Oetter. It also shows that digitalization is an important component in building resilience against crises. "Anyone who now courageously and consistently questions their business model will generate opportunities from the crisis. For example, anyone who has already mastered virtual commissioning and simulation is already a winner," says Oetter.

The survey shows that about half of the software and digitization industry (51 percent) are thinking about new business models or have even already changed their portfolio due to the current situation. Examples include the expansion of virtual training or product presentations, as well as products for remote support and predictive maintenance.

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