Mittwoch, 27.05.2020, 10:00 Uhr "International Woodworking Fair" 2020

The organizers keep to the date in August

For more than 50 years, the "International Woodworking Fair" ("IWF") in Atlanta has reflected the needs and interests of the woodworking industry, and this is the only reason why the trade fair platform was once created. According to the organizers, this mission is to continue to be pursued as the Coronavius and COVID 19 pandemic reshapes global trade and requires organizations around the world to adopt new plans and practices. As things change almost daily - and the world learns to adapt - the exhibition management continues to work on the event to reflect the change, while paving the way for a new future.

For this very reason, the "IWF" is also scheduled to take place as planned at the end of August with accompanying events. The "IWF" team justifies its adherence to the date with the fact that the late summer time creates conditions that differ greatly from the current ones. In addition, the sectors represented by the "IWF" have decided to resume full operation, according to the organizer. "The holding of 'IWF' 2020 will help clients to regain market share and accelerate a recovery in business.

But it is unlikely to be comparable to the previous event: "IWF 2020 will look, feel and function very differently from previous fairs. Such a change is inevitable, inevitable and inescapable. The latest information on show schedules can be viewed at any time on the event homepage," says the two associations WMIA and WMMA, which own the fair. You can find the current status here.

If you look at the information, you will quickly see how hard the show team is working to prepare for the expected social and business conditions at the end of August. The course will be determined on the basis of comprehensive studies. "Over the next four months, we will continue to adjust the planning and execution of the fair as new guidelines emerge and conditions inevitably change."

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