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Partnership with EWS North America

Since January 2019 Baumer Inspection GmbH is represented in the USA, Canada and Mexico by EWS North America LLC.

"Baumer Inspection is an ideal complement to expand our network in the panel industry and offer the required quality control and inspection systems. Baumer Inspection has been a global leader in the inspection industry for many years. We see a growing demand for automated visual inspection systems to optimize production at companies in North America", said Keith Mays from EWS North America LLC.

"Electronic Wood Systems N.A. has been working with the wood panel industry for over 20 years. Through the partnership with EWS North America, Baumer Inspection is expanding its presence and commitment to existing and future customers in the USA, Canada and Mexico", says Stefan Eisenkohl, Head of Sales and Marketing at Baumer Inspection GmbH.

For over 35 years, Baumer Inspection has specialized in maximum precision in surface inspection and quality monitoring. With more than 750 installed systems, the company is a global partner for automatic optical inspection systems for defect detection and process monitoring. The scanners inspect furniture panels, decor papers, foils, floors as well as surfaces and edges of furniture components worldwide.

Since 1995, EWS North America LLC from Beaverton in Oregon, USA, in cooperation with Electronic Wood System GmbH in Hameln, has sold a large number of measuring systems for quality control to the wood-based panel industry. The systems include blow detection, thickness measurement, basis weight measurement, spark detection systems, non-contact panel trolleys, foreign object detection systems and laboratory equipment.

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