Donnerstag, 14.03.2019, 10:00 Uhr Catas

Presents a year of events to celebrate the 50th anniversary from the foundation

Catas, by one's own account the most important Italian and European testing institute in the wood and furniture sector, is celebrating fifty years of activity. An important date, the history of the Foundation has been marked by constant growth since 1969, when the companies of the region first understood the need for such a laboratory. In the following years Catas became a reference for many services all over the world.

It is also a story of the will and ability to work closely with producers: The exchange has resulted in Italian and international guidelines and standards for “good products” and “good materials”.

Catas wants to celebrate the anniversary year 2019 with many actions and events, recently officially presented at three press conferences in Milan, Udine and Lissone. An important part of this will be the renewal of the website, which will be expanded to include a separate section on the history of Catas. There is also a special edition of the magazine “National Geographic” in English and Italian, which deals with the Catas success story. Catas is also involved in initiatives in the region where it is based, such as the restoration and preservation of the “Ciceri” of antique furniture in the Friulian Folklore Museum in Udine, and a large Catas team is taking part in the “Telethon”, a 24-hour marathon to combat rare genetic diseases. A two-day event is planned at the headquarters in Brianza, during which the Institute will open its doors to anyone interested.

Today, the Institute is one of the world's leading players in testing, certification, training and standardisation, with a laboratory area of around 10,000 square metres. More than fifty highly qualified technicians work there, most recently generating a turnover of almost seven million euros. And were thereby for approximately 2,000 customers from 55 countries on four continents in the employment – 2018 with approximately 48,000 tests.

A highlight of the anniversary year will be the inauguration of a new furniture testing laboratory in October 2019. The 4,300 square meter building is currently under construction on the site where a fire destroyed a Catas building in December 2016. The new building will also house rooms for the increasingly intensive training activities of the “Catas Academy”.

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