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Will take over Vonsild brand in July

Furnipart, a leading manufacturer and supplier of furniture handles for kitchens, bathrooms and wardrobes, announces it will acquire the Vonsild handle brand on the first of July 2023. Vonsild is known for designing and manufacturing high-quality wooden furniture handles and knobs and has become a strong brand in the industry with its distinctive, elegant designs.

Danish design company Furnipart designs and manufactures furniture handles. Thanks to its collaboration with domestic and foreign designers, the manufacturer has an international outlook and is active in many countries. “All of us at Furnipart are united by a passion for helping people create a beautiful and personal home. We experiment, think outside the box and are not afraid to put old habits to the test. We love working with new designers and are always raising the bar. We don’t follow trends, we set them,” is how the company itself puts it.

Family-owned Vonsild – also from Denmark – designs and manufactures wooden furniture handles and knobs. Since the company was founded in 2006, the supplier has focused on developing exciting wooden handles and knobs. Vonsild has also collaborated more with recognized independent designers in recent years. “Fascinating designs combined with our expertise and many years of experience in manufacturing wooden products have put us in a leading position in the market for high-quality wooden handles and knobs. The range is now very extensive and is sold worldwide to the industry and through retailers,” the Knebelers report.

“Furnipart and Vonsild have worked closely together for many years, and we often use the same distribution channels. The time has come for a generational change at Vonsild, and it seems obvious for Furnipart to continue the Vonsild brand. The wooden handles complete Furnipart’s extensive product range, and there is no doubt that Furnipart, with its strong international presence and efficient sales and marketing organization, is the right successor,” say Kirsten and Hans Vonsild.

Rasmus Byriel, Furnipart’s Managing Director, adds, “The acquisition of the Vonsild brand is an important milestone in Furnipart’s growth and part of our strategy to expand our product portfolio and strengthen our position as one of the leading suppliers of furniture handles for kitchens, bathrooms and wardrobes in Europe and the rest of the world. We are excited to enrich our range with Vonsild’s beautiful designs and offer our customers even more diverse furniture handles and knobs. Vonsild has fantastic capabilities in manufacturing wooden handles, which we are eager to pass on to our customers.”



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