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“Track by Kesseböhmer” new in the sponsoring group

The BDIA welcomes the “Track by Kesseböhmer” brand to the sponsoring group. “Solid craftsmanship, timeless design and the claim to be as versatile as possible are the hallmarks of the ‘Track by Kesseböhmer’ furniture system. With the brand, we have gained a strong cooperation partner for our sponsoring group,” says Frithjof Jönsson, Federal Managing Director of the BDIA.

Track by Kesseböhmer” has been present on the market since 2020 and has experienced an enormous development since then. As a customizable solution for upscale holistic room concepts, “Track by Kesseböhmer” focuses in particular on hotel and apartment projects to meet the needs of a demanding target group with high-quality and finely designed furniture for various living, working and living areas. With the integration of cabinet modules, magnetic accessories and add-on elements, the system can be a media library, bar, walk-in closet, room divider, pass-through shelf, side, low, high board with bioethanol fireplace or canopy. The modular and visually distinctive furniture system, which celebrates individualization, is nevertheless reduced to the essentials. The eye-catcher and basis of the solution, to which Kesseböhmer lends its signature with almost 70 years of expertise in metalworking and processing, are the striking T-connectors. With its variety of grids as well as noble material and color compositions, “Track by Kesseböhmer” addresses the desire for customized solutions for modern living. “We, the team from ‘Track by Kesseböhmer’, are very pleased to be a sponsoring circle member of the BDIA. Since we see the design community as the first target group for our architectural furniture system, membership in the BDIA can indeed be called a milestone,” says Jörg Schäfer, Sales Director “Track by Kesseböhmer”.

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