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Strengthens the surface technology area

Gerald Weisser has been a new member of the Höcker Polytechnik GmbH management team since April. He takes over the surface technology business unit. Together with his team, he will further expand and internationalize the area for professional painting solutions, which has grown steadily in recent years.

The range includes everything from spray booths to combination booths with painting, flash-off and drying functions to complex painting centers with conveyor and application technology for industrial use.

The focus is on the individual analysis of all processes, optimization of the painting workflow and optimum use of human, energy and technical resources. Thus, Höcker Polytechnik offers integrated coating solutions that meet all customer requirements across all industries, from the smallest screw to large railroads, low or high batch sizes.

Until now, surface technology has been a business area of the Wood, Plastics and Metal Division under the management of Heiner Kleine-Wechelmann. In recent years, the Surface Technology team has implemented many successful projects and ideas and has gained more and more employees. Under the leadership of Gerald Weisser, this team will further establish Höcker Polytechnik’s professional coating solutions on the market in the future.

Weisser is a graduate engineer (FH) and has been working at Höcker Polytechnik since 2016. He managed projects for extraction and filter technology throughout Europe. Since 2020, Weisser has increasingly focused on the area of surface technology.

Hump polytechnology


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