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Soprema commissions new wood fibre insulation board plant

With its special expertise Siempelkamp once again convinced a leading supplier of sustainable insulation materials: The Soprema Group ordered a second Siempelkamp plant for the production of its “Pavatex” wood-fibre insulation. The plant will be installed in Chavelot, France, near the current site in Golbey. Soprema is one of the world’s leading building products companies and has a strong focus on expanding its sustainable product range and resource-saving production.

Under the “Pavatex” brand, Soprema offers modern ecological insulation solutions based on renewable raw materials. Soprema commissioned the new Siempelkamp plant for its new “Pavatex 3” production site. Here, the waterproofing and insulation manufacturer invests in a new production center for “Pavatex” wood-fibre insulation boards in the field of sustainable building materials.

Soprema decided on a scope of supply for the new plant that is almost identical to that of the first Siempelkamp plant in Golbey. This first dry fibre production for “Pavatex” wood fibre insulation boards had been ordered by Soprema from Siempelkamp in 2012 and was started up in April 2013.

The current production line, which operates completely in the dry process, includes a ContiTherm calibration press. After screening, the wood chips are thermally and mechanically defibreed and dried in the approx. 120 m long flash dryer supplied by Siempelkamp’s subsidiary Büttner. Also included in the scope of supply are the engineering and installation. The Siempelkamp control system Prod-IQ.quality is also part of the plant concept.

The special highlights of both Siempelkamp plants for the production of “Pavatex” wood fibre insulation include the flexibly applicable gluing units. The fibres are glued only after drying. The “Pavatex” products manufactured meet the strict requirements of “Natureplus”, the quality label for ecological, health, environmental and function-compatible building products, and carry numerous other environmental labels. This corresponds with the corporate profile of the Soprema Group, which continues to expand its range of sustainable system solutions for the construction industry.

The assembly start of the new plant is scheduled for the last quarter of 2023. Its production spectrum is designed for approx. 55,000 t of insulation boards per year; added together, both Siempelkamp plants in Golbey will then provide an annual production volume of approx. 110,000 t of insulation boards.



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