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Return to Shanghai in July

China recently announced a nationwide relaxation of COVID19 restrictions. The announcement is a positive sign for the future of the exhibition industry and was received with enthusiasm by both organizers and attendees. Key new relaxed measures include less testing, no extensive lockdowns, and no quarantine at central centers for patients with mild symptoms. The relaxation of regulations represents the most far-reaching changes since the pandemic began three years ago and clearly marks a return to normalcy in China.

Global trade and related imports and exports in the flooring industry are also on the path to a rapid recovery. “Domotex Hannover” was held from January 12 to 15, 2023 after a forced break of two years, and more than 100 Chinese exhibitors attended in person on site. “This is a clear sign of the liberalization of world trade. We believe that the second half of 2023 will mark a strong upturn in international and domestic activities in a more secure environment,” said David Zhong, president of VNU Exhibitions Asia, Ltd, co-organizer of “Domotex Asia”/”Chinafloor.” For this reason, the organizers have also decided that “Domotex Asia”/”Chinafloor” in 2023 will be held at the “National Exhibition and Convention Center” in Shanghai from July 26 to 28, in order to provide the flooring industry with a high-quality event again.

The 2023 edition, which will mark the 25th year of consecutive “Domotex Asia”/”Chinafloor” trade shows, will feature new and proven highlights and events to complement the industry’s largest gathering in the Asia-Pacific region. “Z-Space,” the newest showcase of “Domotex Asia”/”Chinafloor,” spotlights all aspects of multi-dimensional spaces and covers various categories of the floor-wall-ceiling concept. The Hosted Buyer program will once again bring together both on-site and online, high-end buyers with some of the best flooring manufacturers from the region. Hosted Buyers who choose the on-site option will enjoy complimentary accommodation in Shanghai and VIP status at the show, among other benefits. Finally, the “China Flooring Industry Summit Forum” will once again feature 23 renowned experts and outstanding entrepreneurs. Their presentations and discussions will be attended by distinguished industry representatives, including more than 200 flooring companies in China.

In the past three years, due to China’s strict epidemic control policy, in addition to restrictions on international and domestic travel, all commercial activities in the region ultimately came to a standstill. With the adjustment of government policies, the long-term pent-up demand in the Chinese market is expected to become very evident in the coming months. “Domotex Asia”/ “Chinafloor” helps to meet the ever-increasing demand of the flooring industry, and continues to occupy a pole position of the business platform in the Asia-Pacific region.

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