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Record-breaking speed

On March 27, a Siempelkamp MDF plant in Balıkesir, ordered by the Turkish wood-based materials producer Kastamonu Entegre AS, arrived for acceptance.

It took only nine and a half months from the start of assembly to acceptance – the teams from Kastamonu Entegre and Siempelkamp managed such a tight timeline between June 2022 and March 27, 2023.

The MDF plant includes the ContiRoll 8′ x 63.7 m format, making it the longest continuous press in the Turkish market. “Within the entire timeline, the ramp-up curve to the acceptance of the scope of supply in only seven weeks stands out in particular – a super performance by both teams,” Ulrich Kaiser, Head of Sales Wood Division at Siempelkamp, is pleased to report.

Standard MDF, very light MDF (L-MDF) and HDF are produced with the new plant. The products are placed in both local and export markets, benefiting the furniture and flooring industries.

Team Siempelkamp” and “Team Kastamonu Entegre” had already realized an equally successfully managed timeline in 2020/2021: The plant for the production of particleboard operated by Kastamonu Entegre at the Samsun location was also managed within nine and a half months from the start of assembly in July 2020 to acceptance at the beginning of May 2021 – despite all the restrictions imposed by Covid-19.

“We are aiming for the hat trick,” says Ulrich Kaiser with regard to another project that Kastamonu Entegre is currently implementing with Siempelkamp: In January 2023 the assembly of a new plant for the production of particleboard started at the Kastamonu City location. The plant is the tenth in the chronology of continuous presses that Kastamonu Entegre has ordered from Siempelkamp so far.

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