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“Online kitchen brand” now also increasingly ships to Germany

Another kitchen brand for the German market: as of now, the Scandinavian brand Nordiska Kök is also available here. Nordiska Kök stands for customized, handmade design kitchens at affordable prices. According to the company’s own information, there was a great demand for deliveries in the direction of Germany on the part of potential end consumers, so they decided to open the web store in the direction of Germany. Indeed, the great peculiarity of Nordiska Kök is that there is no marketing through the trade, but the customer orders directly.

In 2017, Magnus Vansvik, André Stömblad and Johan Lundkvist set out to “revolutionize” the kitchen furniture industry. And at least in Scandinavia, the three managing directors have succeeded quite well.

“We have made it our mission to challenge the traditional kitchen industry, which has been building and selling kitchens in the same way for years. And instead offer quality kitchens made in Sweden in a new digital way. By digitizing the entire buying process – from inspiration to customer conversation – and eliminating dealers and showrooms, we are able to achieve this.

Today, we are proud to be able to offer our customers the opportunity to purchase a unique and fully customized Swedish-made kitchen at a reasonable price,” the three founders explain on the company’s website. Each custom kitchen is expertly designed by Nordiska Kök’s design team in Sweden and then manufactured in a carpentry shop outside of Gothenburg. Previously, there was shipping primarily in Scandinavia and only secondary to Europe. That’s changing now in November, when Nordiska Kök is actively approaching the German market.

“With Nordiska Kök, we are simply creating the buying experience we wanted ourselves,” says Johan Lundkvist, co-founder and creative director. And continues, “It is quite possible to get a design-oriented high-end kitchen at a very good price. By digitizing the entire buying process, from inspiration to order, the customer’s budget is spent where it matters: on high-quality materials, design freedom, custom features and true craftsmanship.”

Nordiska Kök’s award-winning kitchens, whose focus is primarily sustainability and longevity rather than short-lived trends, are conceived, built and designed to last, according to the Swedes. Nordiska Kök has recently received a lot of media attention from consumer magazines such as “Elle Decoration UK,” “RUM,” “Living” and others, which has helped it expand.

Nordiska Kök


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