Photo of a laptop on which the digital colour library of RAL COLOURS is called up.

Now working with digital colour libraries

In times of advancing digitalisation, holistic, cross-interface planning is highly relevant in project work. For this reason, RAL COLOURS launches digital colour libraries for the globally recognised and standardised RAL colour tones, which now make it possible to transfer the physical colour sample into the digital colour space. In this way, colour, surface and form can already be harmonised in early planning phases. Thus, RAL COLOURS now supports the entire planning process from the digital design phase to the physical sampling.

Thanks to digital colour libraries of more than 2,500 RAL colour shades, designs and prototypes can be visualised and provide a first impression of the applied colour shade. Through unique colour designations and RAL codes, the standardised colour shades can be clearly communicated across the globe. The RAL colour libraries can be purchased as download files for all three colour palettes and contain colour values in Lab and RGB. The basis of the digital colour values are the precise RAL colour samples, which were colourimetrically read and transferred into common file formats in cooperation with the Cologne ColorDigital GmbH. Therefore, an integration of the files into common software programmes, such as Adobe Cloud, Corel or Allplan, is quickly and easily possible. This makes digital work with RAL colours equally possible for creative professionals in architecture, interior design, product design and graphic design. As a result, RAL COLOURS contributes to a simplified colour design and efficiency in the planning process.

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