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Italian woodworking technologies +2,6% export in May

The trend for the export of Italian woodworking technologies is still positive; in the first five months of 2022 the percentage difference was +2.6 points compared to the same period of 2021. The United States, Germany and France lead the ranking of the best buyers of Italian machines. Imports are still growing strongly – +27,6% – with Germany and China at the top of the ranking, as major suppliers of machinery for the Italian woodworking industry.

Below is a table of the top ten countries of destination for Italian exports:

United States: 77,3 Mio. Euro/+25,1 %
Germany: 50,2 Mio. Euro/+16,2 %
France: 49,9 Mio. Euro/+16,3 %
United Kingdom: 41,9 Mio. Euro/+23,5 %
Poland: 35,6 Mio. Euro/-12,4 %
Spain: 24,3 Mio. Euro/-7,6 %
India: 23,3 Mio. Euro/+86,7 %
Austria: 22,1 Mio. Euro/-10,3 %
Belgium: 18,9 Mio. Euro/-24,8 %
Netherlands: 17,3 Mio. Euro/-30,0 %
World: 627,2 Mio. Euro/+2,6 %



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