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Begros members Kempf and Sommerlad seal strategic cooperation with Cyncly

Begros members Möbel Kempf from Aschaffenburg and Möbelstadt Sommerlad from Gießen have sealed a strategic cooperation with Cyncly (Compusoft). At the two Begros chain stores, hardly a stone is left unturned in the software area. In concrete terms, this means that both the “MHS” merchandise management system used to date and the “KPS-Designstudio” kitchen planning software (both from SHD) will be replaced by forward-looking solutions. Why does this step represent a turning point in the furniture industry? Because it’s more than just a software change. Both Cyncly (Compusoft) and the two furniture stores have ambitious plans to revolutionize the market and to fundamentally serve business processes in furniture retailing with the help of the latest “state-of-the-art” technology. For this purpose, the two owners of Sommerlad and Kempf jointly founded the company FurnData, which adapts the cloud-based “Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO” solution for the furniture trade in cooperation with the renowned Microsoft transformation partner HSO. Part of the project is to integrate the also cloud-based “Winner Flex” kitchen planning software from Cyncly (Compusoft) into the “Microsoft D365” world. Christian Pfeifer, CEO of Compusoft Deutschland AG: “We are very pleased that the long-term investments in our cloud platform, as well as the applications based on it, such as Winner Flex, are helping to make furniture retailing fit for the future and would like to thank the companies Kempf and Sommerlad for their confidence in us.”

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