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Another major order from Vietnam

Siempelkamp has received an order for a complete MDF plant from the Vietnamese Mekong Wood MDF Joint Stock Company. With this project, the company enters the board production which will be primarily fed by the local raw materials acacia and eucalyptus. Mekong Wood MDF Joint Stock Company, based in Phu Tho, is regarded as an experienced player in the wood-based materials industry with excellent networks within the sector. It was therefore an obvious step to enter into the production of wood-based panels in parallel to trading in them.

Siempelkamp recently proved its expertise in the Southeast Asian region with the successful start-up of the first plant in Vietnam which processes acacia wood – a challenging raw material in the production process.

In the new project Siempelkamp will support its customer from the planning of the entire plant and the supply of the entire process technology to the supervision of the erection and the start-up.

The plant will be designed for an annual production capacity of more than 400,000m³, which will mainly be supplied to the furniture industry. The thickness range for these boards is focused on 15 to 17 mm, with a spectrum of 3.5 to 32 mm possible.

“This order is a compliment to our commitment to bringing press concepts for the processing of most demanding raw materials extremely successfully into the market. We are pleased to accompany Mekong Wood’s entry into board production – and to follow up our good reputation with another excellent performance,” says Marc Müller, Head of Commercial Sales at Siempelkamp.



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